When Is the Best Time of Year to Paint My Home’s Exterior?

While most homeowners won’t want their homes painted in the middle of winter, it’s not as easy as picking a random warm day and calling on your local painters to get to work. Understanding some factors that play into the right weather conditions for painting your home can add to its quality and create a beautiful exterior paint job for your humble abode. Read more to find out when the best time of year to paint your home’s exterior is!

Best Seasons to Paint Your Home

A good rule of thumb when deciding if it is time to paint is to stick to the warm seasons. The period between the end of spring and early fall is a good time to paint, as the combination of weather and temperature makes for the best combination of conditions for your paint to stick and dry properly.

Depending on your climate, these dates may vary. In northern climates, colder weather might mean your painting period is confined to the summer months. The best time for your painting projects in southern climates might extend to the beginning of spring and even into some winter weeks.

Benefits of Sticking to Warm Weather

So clearly, warmer weather presents ideal conditions for your home, but what are the benefits of the heat? To start off, fall and spring can offer unpredictable weather conditions, and you must make sure the paint is on a dry surface. We all know of the days when the weather in the morning calls for a clear day only to be hit with a quick spring shower. Warmer summer days present more predictable weather patterns, and warmer temperatures can dry wet surfaces quicker.

In addition, cold weather is the number one enemy of paint, and spring and fall months can sometimes have pretty cool nights. Summer nights are warmer, ensuring your paint job gets an extra few hours of sunlight and nighttime heat to dry off.

Avoid Extreme Weather

The worst thing you can do is decide to call your painters in the middle of extreme weather conditions. Snowy weather and rain storms are off-limits and don’t underestimate a strong windy day either. It can cause the paint to move too much upon application and make the painting job dangerous if your painters are on a roof or ladder.

You want to make sure you paint in temperatures somewhere between 50 degrees and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Too cold and your paint will not cure properly, and extreme heat can cause your paint to dry too quickly. With technological advancements, cooler temperatures are more widely accepted, as some paints can withstand 40 and even 35-degree weather. While that might mean a lengthier period to get your home painted, beware of the difficulties of freezing temperatures and the weather conditions that come with it.

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When it comes to getting your home painted, there are a lot of factors to consider before embarking on the journey. If you need help with your paint job, don’t hesitate to call a professional painter for help. Davis Painting can decorate your home with a fantastic paint job that takes your exterior to a whole new level.

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