Painting is an easy and inexpensive home improvement project that can increase your home’s value. Whether you’re considering changing your kitchen’s color or completing an entire exterior paint job, a fresh coat of paint can add considerable value to your home. 

As a top provider of residential painting services in Montgomery County, PA, we’re proud to say we’ve helped numerous homeowners with a fresh paint job to increase their home’s value. Whether it’s your first time selling your house or you’ve done it before, painting your home is a significant benefit in the real estate market. 

How Can a Fresh Paint Job Increase a Home’s Value?

A fresh paint job can increase your home’s value in several ways. When preparing to list your home for sale, inspect the interior and exterior paint. 

Aside from any wear and tear, certain places inside and outside your home will benefit from a fresh paint coating. That said, here are ways a fresh paint job can increase a home’s value.

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

One of the most significant benefits you receive from a fresh paint job is the boost in your home’s curb appeal. It allows you to make an excellent first impression on potential home buyers. They can see that you have maintained it as soon as they arrive outside your home. 

Additionally, exterior paint is your home’s first line of defense against nature’s elements. While a high-quality paint job should last a while, the paint will fade or chip over time from repeated exposure to heat, cold, sun, rain, and wind. A fresh paint job can increase your home’s value by showing durability against the elements.

Keep in Mind “Tuxedo Colors” for Your Kitchen

Did you know that your home’s asking price can drop by several thousand dollars if you use red or other deeply saturated paint colors in your kitchen? This is why you should carefully consider the interior paint color you choose for the rooms in your home. 

Remember that potential buyers may not share your enthusiasm for your chosen color selection. Therefore, we recommend keeping “tuxedo kitchens” in mind, which means white walls with darker cabinets. 

When it Comes to Your Front Door, Paint it Black

Painting your front door black can boost curb appeal and increase your home’s value. A black front door gives a classic and elegant look to a house and may raise your home’s asking price by several thousand dollars. 

If you don’t want to choose black for your door, you can opt for blue or olive green, which similarly adds value to a home. Your potential buyers’ first impression of your home is crucial, so painting your door black is an easy way to boost your home’s value.

Softer Bedroom Colors Boost Asking Price

If your home’s bedrooms, especially the master bedroom, are dark or have deeply saturated colors, you should consider an update. A professional painting company can use a soft gray or beige color to persuade buyers to spend more on your home. 

Furthermore, installing, painting, or repainting trim in your bedrooms is another way to boost your home’s value. This feature is one of the minor improvements you can make to give your bedrooms a clean, neat appearance that impresses potential buyers. 

Light Blue or Gray Bathrooms Increase Appeal

If you’ve maintained a white color in your bathroom for a spa-like feel or have stuck with deeper colors, this is a room you should consider for an updated color scheme. We recommend using a light blue or gray for your bathroom to increase your home’s value. 

These colors make excellent choices for your bathroom because they boost the appearance of other features. These include cabinets, trim, and towels, which tend to stand out when supported by light blue or gray. Choosing the right color for your bathroom is another way a fresh paint job can boost your home’s value. 

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When people are preparing to sell their homes, they usually consider a variety of home improvements to boost their potential asking price. However, something as simple as a fresh paint job can significantly increase your home’s value. 

Take a look at some more ways you can increase your home’s value.

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